How it Started
Barney Stinson (from the CBS comedy series How I Met Your Mother) and José Rizal had a lot in common: Suits, girls, knowledge of many languages, a large forehead, suits, girls, magic tricks, and suits. And girls. And suits.

“Buuuut did Rizal really always wear a suit? Isn’t that an uneducated assumption?!”, you may ask.  Yes. Yes it is. And that’s how we roll here.:)

Now, going back, what indeed would have happened if Barney met Rizal? I imagined that if Barney found himself stuck in the late 19th century, he’d just shrug it off and make the most awesome out of the experience. He’d look for a wingman to score chicks with, and the universe would undoubtedly lead him to Rizal and they’d have legendary adventures together. Like, historical–nay, historic!


Behind the Series
The debate on whether Rizal should be the Philippine national hero or not can go on and on, so let’s not touch that. Let us take note instead that JPR was a man more than an icon. He was a human being who did things; some of ’em he had to, and some he just wanted to. Some of it he did awesomely, while some could probably end up in a “fail” meme or a demotivational poster. And that’s alright.

We do ourselves injustice if we only see the people of history as they were depicted in classrooms. They should be accepted as persons instead of flawless beings nobody could realistically relate to. Really, we’d have a better understanding of our history and society if we know more of our heroes’ behind-the-scenes. Consult Cracked.com if you want proof.

And that’s all there is to the series. Less known details of JPR’s life, some bits of what ifs, and a lot of attempts at humor. Hopefully, Broing Up Rizal can make young Filipinos curious enough to read more stuff written by Rizal. Or somehow, help some college kids with a Rizal subject like PI 100. But seriously, kids, get your asses into a library and read some Ambeth Ocampo or whatever Rizaliana materials there are. Don’t rely on this series, you lazy brats.



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